The Soul and its Paths, in the Ground and in the Water. The Soul and its expressions...the face

(with the support of local Photos Studios for posing analysis)

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The Water of my Soul seep in the depths of the World it cross,

blending itself with the Soil this World id made up

Even the stone reach the point of melting and start powerfully to bloom in a new life

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The Water initially grabbed in the shapes, in the colors and in the semblances best-known.

Suddenly the gaze gets closer and the point of view becomes the one of who, dipped in the water,

is just crossing a stream.

Or the one of who is flying hedgehopping, along the Paths of the Water.


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The eternal ice, eternal as the memory is,
where all the story of my life is wrapped inside,

memory which like ice slowly melt itself
the reminescences resurface

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