They wrote about her:

Marcello Nebl 2007, Chiara Girardi 2007, Pietro Marsilli 2007, Paolo Dalla Torre 2007/2008, Marco Zeni 2008, Sara Bassetti 2009, Fiorenzo Degasperi 2009/2011, Salvatore Ferrari 2010, Elisabetta Doniselli 2016, Paolo Tomio 2019

"Nature has always been an inexhaustible source of inspiration for art since man finds in it those laws that belong his own as he's "nature" himself. This truth is perceived by the painter Elisa Zeni, thanks to the rare gift of a sensitivity through which she can enter into spiritual and physical resonance with natural elements and let transfer her most intimate sensations to the canvas. She loves everything about nature: flowers, meadows, mountains, stones, but she is overall fascinated by water, the most common substance and, at the same time, more mysterious because of its iridescent and elusive essence.
Without shape and color, the water passes from the liquid to the solid or gaseous state, taking on all forms and colors without distinction; it brings life within itself by going through endless metamorphoses that only a few are able to perceive and reveal with the language of art. It is no coincidence that, in Elisa Zeni's paintings, the boundary between figuration and abstraction is always extremely blurred because, more than by the objective representation of reality, she is driven by the need to manifest through the forms and the color the emotions that the spell hypnotic water - in all its manifestations - induces in its unconscious or, better said, in its soul.
Elisa also successfully cultivates the tradition of the portrait, an undeservedly forgotten historical genre since painting a portrait is one of the most difficult themes of painting, because one must try to capture not only the similarity but also the spirit of the person who is posing. Judging by the radiant face of the smiling girl and the shy and backward attitude of the child, she managed to perfectly grasp the two personalities by demonstrating in an evocative way the relevance of this painting, when done in a workmanlike manner. "

Paolo Tomio, 2019 - icsART 2019 N.6

"Water is a constant presence in E. Zeni's works: it can be flow and transparency, so that the seabed of stones and earth reveals unusual brightness and tones. At other times the current acquires density: now the light more than from the outside , it seems to come from the depths and becomes a place of epiphanies; in its constant flow, leaves and flowers appear in front of us in a sort of momentary balance that seem to allude to an uninterrupted metamorphosis. "

Elisabetta Doniselli, 2016


"Painting water for Elisa Zeni is a kind of search for one's soul." […] “Its aquatic mirrors are eyes that look, means of communication between those who live there and the outside world. Observe, capture information from the physical world and then act accordingly. Water of life, spring water, water of salvation, for man and his spirit.

[…] “Desire for spirituality, which is never truly satisfied but always sought after. On the other hand, human aspiration is that of continuous and undeterred research. Achievement is not the end. The sense of things lies in the duration and length of the watercourse. The source and the mouth are nothing but two sides of the same coin "

Fiorenzo Degasperi, 2011


... we are faced with a research that could also be defined as a research with an antique flavor, oriented this year on two strands: here are the water routes, where this element is seen from a different angle of view than usual , that is to say from above, in search of the yield of the seabed, subjected to the continuous mutation due to the reflections of the water. The Grazing Flights, on the other hand, are seen taken from photographs taken by the artist, with the representation of mountains almost entirely hidden by clouds. "I like to think - says Elisa - that they are not simple views, but visions because man is projected into a real and at the same time boundless, almost imaginary place". In fact, the well-known image called Der Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer, "The wayfarer on the sea of ​​fog" by Kaspar David Friedrich could be combined with these paintings, which have, as I said, a touch of antiquity.

Paolo Dalla Torre, 2008


Elisa Zeni retraces in her works those streets that almost two centuries ago traveled by great artists such as Caspar Friedrich and William Turner. The representation of Nature, in its changing aspects, is the foundation of his painting. A deliberately figurative painting that manages to describe with a singular force and above all with an almost religious impulse the harmony and charm of the mountain.

The mountain in Zeni's painting is intended as a Great Mother: from it, from its luminous snowfields, the pure water of the streams flows, the supreme source of life. Gashes of light on the canvas are the waterfalls, the showers that go to draw what the artist does

But it is above all in the cycle of flights Flights Grazing that Elisa Zeni expresses the harmony and grandeur of Nature with a vigor and at the same time a spirituality that pushes us almost inebriated to the romantic feeling of the sublime. In this cycle the mountains are described in a singular way, in a bird's eye view; from above, immersed in an extremely luminous atmosphere, we seem to travel by flying that part of Mother Earth that communicates directly with the universal and the cosmic. They are places halfway between reality and imagination, in which there is a sense of peace that contemporary man can find only in the intimate relationship between nature and soul. Elisa Zeni expresses this intimate, almost privileged relationship in her works. The mountains described in Grazing Flights merge between clouds and mists: here color and light merge. It seems to review the same color-light emotions represented in the Marine by Virgilio Guidi. There is all the centuries-old tradition and mastery of Venetian painting in these works. There is the wealth of chromatic passages, the intense brightness of the color found in the skies that form the backdrop to the works of Giovanni Bellini and Giorgione. With the latter, we think of the famous Storm, Elisa shares the same charm for the contemplation of nature and for the penetrating and vital correspondence that exists between man and nature itself.

Marcello Nebl, 2007


·         "Windows" 
Trento. Group exhibition of artists from Trentino "La Cerchia"  from Sept. 23th to Oct. 8th at Mirana Tower -Thun Hall

·         "Aufbruch - Partenza“
Kempten (Germany).  Group exhibition from Oct. 9th to Nov. 13th at the Kunstkabinett .

·         "Windows"
Coredo (TN). Group Exhibition with of the group of artists from Trentino "La Cerchia" at "Casa Marta". Aug. 12th to Sept. 10th, in collaboration with the Municipality of Predaia

·         "Water and Mystery".
. Solo exhibition together with Pierluigi Negriolli at "Fogolino" Gallery of Modern Art from May 6th to 24th.

·         "Plural Picture".
Dozza (BO)
. Group exhibition of artists from Trentino "La Cerchia", for the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Association. From Feb. 28th to March 20th "Rocca Sforzesca" (Sforza Stronghold)


·         "The Silence"
Trento. Group exhibition of artists from Trentino "La Cerchia"  from Oct. 30th to Nov. 14th at Mirana Tower -Thun Hall

·         "Klänge - Suono“
Kempten (Germany). Group exhibition from Sept. 20th to Oct. 25th at the Kunstkabinett .

·         "Vermiglio 1915 - 2015: exodus".
Vermiglio (TN). Group exhibition of artists from Trentino "La Cerchia" for the 100 year memorial of the exodus for the First Worldwide War  from August 1st  to September 6th  

·         "Calici di Stelle 2015".
Mezzolombardo (TN). Solo exhibition at "Convento dei Padri Francescani" on August 10th.

·         "Of Soil and Water".
Caderzone Terme (TN). Solo exhibition at "Museo della Malga" from April 1st to 24th

·         "Of Soil and Water".
San Michele A.A (TN). Solo exhibition from March 7th  to 15th.

·         "4 Elements“
Florence. Group exhibition  from January 31st to February 10th at "Merlino Gallery. Bottega d'arte".


·         "Wandlungen - Trasformazione“
Kempten (Germany). Group exhibition  from Oct. 26th to Dec. 7th at il Kunstkabinett .

·         "Clouds"
Trento. Group exhibition  Group exhibition of artists from Trentino "La Cerchia". Sept. 12th to 27th at “Mirana” Tower -Thun Hall

·         "Of Soil and Water".
Mezzocorona (TN). Solo exhibition  during the “Settembre Rotaliano 2014” at  “Vicinia” Palace from Sept. 4th to 14th

·         Tenth Annual LACDA ‘Snap to Grid’
Los Angeles (USA). Group exhibition  from Dec.. 12th to Jan. 4th at LACDA -Gallery (vedi).


Trento. A charity group exhibition    for the “ Villaggio del Fanciullo SOS” of Trento from December 7th to 10th at “Calepini” Palace in collaboration with  "La Cerchia" and Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Trento e Rovereto.

·         "Sequences"
Trento. Group exhibition of artists from Trentino "La Cerchia". October 25th to November 9th at “Mirana” Tower -Thun Hall

·         "Das Gesicht - Il volto“
Kempten (Germany). Group exhibition  from Sept. 15th to Oct. 27th at the Kunstkabinett .

·         "In the Water - Paths"
Andalo (TN). Solo exhibition in collaboration with Andalo Gestione Vacanze srl. August, 04th to 26th at Acquain Hall.

·         "Water Tales"
Moena (TN). Exhibition group of artists from Trentino "La Cerchia". From June 26th to July 13th at “Navalge” center

·         "Point of View"
Lavis (TN). Group exhibition from July 12th to 21st  "de Maffei" Palace in collaboration with the Municipality of Lavis.

·         Ninth Annual LACDA ‘Snap to Grid’
Los Angeles (USA). Group exhibition from January 10th to February 2nd at LACDA - Gallery (see).


·         "Das Paar – The Pair“
Kempten (Germany). Group from November 4th to December 2nd at Kunstkabinett.

·         "Water tales"
Trento. Group exhibition of artists from Trentino "La Cerchia". September 09th to 24th at “Mirana” Tower -Thun Hall

·         "WATER. The transparent eyes of the ground and the soul"
Borgo Valsugana(TN) - Ivano Fracena (TN). Special event exhibition dedicated to the Water dal August 04th to 26 at SPAZIO KLIEN and CASTEL  IVANO.

Moena (TN). Exhibition of the group of artists from Trentino "La Cerchia". July 2nd to 29th at the City Hall

·         "One Time in the Art"
Coredo(TN). Exhibition of the group of artists from Trentino "La Cerchia" at "Casa Marta". July 12th to 27th, in collaboration with the Municipality of Coredo - Department of Culture.

·         "IMAGES AT PRESENT -TIME" Silvano Nebl and his friends of La Cerchia
Cles(TN). Exhibition of the group of artists from Trentino "La Cerchia". May 12th to 27th  at  "Fedrizzi" Art Gallery.



·         "Waterlife"
Trento. Benefit group Exhibition for Water and bidet artist for LILT. Fair Center December 4th to 18. Article

·         "Transparent"
Kempten (Germany). Group from October 28th to November 13th at Kunstkabinett.

·         "One Time in Art"
Trento. Group exhibition of artists from Trentino "La Cerchia", for the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Association. September 02nd to 17th at Mirana Tower -Thun Hall

·         "In the name of Villon."
Tribute to Remo Wolf. Moena (TN). Exhibition of group of artists from Trentino "La Cerchia" August 7th to 16th

·         "Paths of Water."
Sporminore (TN). Solo Exhibition promoted by AVOS, July 16th to 17th

·         "En el nombre de Villon"
SANTIAGO (CHILE). Exhibition group of artists from Trentino "La Cerchia". January 11th to March 6th at Marta Colvin room - Pinacoteca de Concepción de la Universitad


·         "Ruhe – quite"
Kempten (Germany). Exhibition group of artists from Trentino "La Cerchia" from October 17th November 21st at Kunstkabinett.

·         "BETWEEN PAINTING AND POETRY." Tribute to Villon.
Trento. Exhibition group of artists from Trentino "La Cerchia" - September 11th to 27th at Mirana Tower -Thun Hall

·         "Trentino and Beyond". From the stories of Jellici.
Moena (TN). Exhibition group of artists from Trentino "La Cerchia". August 8th to 21st at “Navalge” center

·         "In the name of Villon." Tribute to Wolf Remus
Caldonazzo (TN). Exhibition group of artists from Trentino "La Cerchia". July 11th to 31

·         "Paths of the water."
Coredo (TN). Solo Exhibition at "Casa Marta". July 17th to 29, in collaboration with the Municipality of Coredo - Department of Culture.

·         "2010. Artists for Italia Nostra."
Trento. Group exhibition at "SAT Museum" from June 24th to July 3rd.

·         "In the name of Villon." Tribute to Remo Wolf.
Trento. Exhibition group of artists from Trentino "La Cerchia" at the Fogolino Gallery. August 11th to 30th


·         "Paths of the water"
Roverè della Luna (TN). Solo Exhibition at the "Council Chamber" - November 21st to 29th, in collaboration with the City of the Roverè della Luna

·         "Paths a.m.l... above Mountains level ":
Rovereto (TN). Solo Exhibition at the "Hall Iras Baldessari" from October 30th to November 14. Introduction by Fiorenzo Degasperi

·         "S-WEAR"
Mezzocorona (TN). Promoted by AMACI Group for Contemporary Day

·         "Paths of the water."
Trento. Solo Exhibition at "New Heaven" from September 17th to October 25th

·         Project execution "to the fighters of 1809" was commissioned by the Schutzen company "Nikolaus Firmian", Mezzocorona. Subject chosen for the cover of the book "The events of 1809 in the Piana Rotaliana in Andreas Hofer memory" written by Paolo Dalla Torre.

·         In August. Fair Logo Hoferiana 2009

·         Mezzocorona (TN), label for limited edition bottles of Teroldego event at September 3rd to 6th.

·         "Paths a.m.l... above Mountains level "
Spormaggiore (TN). Solo Exhibition - August 10th at the "House Pizzon".

·         Realization of wall painting "Spring in Sporminore" in the Civic Room of the town of Sporminore (TN). July.

·         ”Le Meridian of Monclassico 7th EDITION”
Monclassico (TN). One the five artists selected for the 2009 edition of the Week for the execution of the Sundials 34th - Largaiolli House.

·         Solo Exhibition
Monclassico (TN). Solo exhibition at the headquarters of the Cultural Association "The Sundial" July 11th to 17th

·         "Paths a.m.l... above Mountains level "
Lavis (TN). Solo exhibition sponsored by the City of Lavis, Department of Culture at the Palace "de Maffei" - June 26th to 30th.

·         "Cromoemozioni - The Green"
Pergine (TN). Group exhibition "Giralune" - June 13th to 21st at the "Mayer Room", with the participation of Omar Garcia and Galindo Yordi.

·         "Workshop of autonomy"
Trento. Selected for making a mural at the Galleries of Piedicastello for the event organized by the Trento History Museum from May 30th to June 14th. 


·         "Paths of the soul in the land and water …"
Mezzolombardo (TN). Solo exhibition sponsored by the City of Mezzolombardo, at the Palace of City Hall - December 15th to 21st

·         "Paths of the soul ... in the land and water."
Mezzocorona (TN). Solo exhibition sponsored by the Library and the City at the “Vicinia” Palace from October 25th to November 09th

·         "Paths of the soul ... in the land and water."
Pergine (TN). Mayer Hall Solo exhibition from August 3rd to September 7th

·         "Paths of the soul ... in the land and water."
Spormaggiore (TN). Solo exhibition at the "House of the Bear Park" Adamello Brenta - August 3rd to 27. Introduced by Marco Zeni

·         "Goblets of Stars"
Mezzolombardo (TN). Solo exhibition in the garden of the Castle Tower during the demonstration on August 10th. Introduced by Paul Dalla Torre

·         "Paths of the soul ... in the land and water."
St. Antonio of Mavignola (TN). Solo exhibition at the guest Information Point - Adamello Brenta Natural Park from June 15th to July 27th

·         Realization wall painting "Summer in Sporminore" in the Civic Room of the town of Sporminore (TN). July.

·         Realization of the book illustrations “Faioti - Stories and traditions of the people of Weber Gigi Make”

·         Participation in the exhibition of charity "Education for Life"
Mezzolombardo (TN) - May 17th to 18th

·         Graphic design of the "Backpack to overcome the war" for the Trentino Forum for Peace and Human Rights

·         "Giralune"
San Michele all'Adige. Group exhibition from March 01st to 02nd at "Bear Hall"

·         "Paths of the soul" Trento. Solo exhibition from January 21st to February 3rd at the Palace of the Autonomous Region of Trentino AA.

·         Just Married II.
Verona. Group exhibition at the TECA during the event on January 24th. In collaboration with CRAM.


·         "Hedgehopping fligths".
Trento. Solo exhibition from November 15th 2007 to January 16th 2008th at Pastry "Bertelli"

·         "Cromoemozioni - The Yellow."
Trento. Group exhibition "Giralune" from October 20th to November 04th at Andromeda Art Studio and from October 20th until November 24th at the windows of the Mountain Rescue Association, Manci street. Reported by “Vita Trentina” and “UCT” magazines

·         "The Ramp".
Fai della Paganella(TN). Open air Solo exhibition in September 30th, 2007 during “the Ramp" into the “Pra del Perello” Forest - Installation for "the legend of Paganella"

·         Exhibition of Modern and Contemporary Art
Cerea (VR). Solo Exhibition. September 23rd to 30th at the Expo area

·         "Giralune"
Mezzocorona (TN). Group exhibition "Giralune" during the " Rotalian September" – from September 2nd to August 30, at the “Vicinia” Palace.

·         "EMILIO GOLA” - Biennial 2007.
Olgiate Molgora (LC). Participation in the XXIX edition of the National Contest of Painting" Emilio Gola. "September

·         ”UN DUE TLE...EVOLUTION”.
Bardolino (VR). Participation of open-air painting and Sculpture Competition organized by PROMO BARDOLINO, NONEART and Culture Department of the City of Bardolino. August.

·         "Paths"
Spormaggiore (TN). Solo exhibition Exposure – August 11th to 14th at the "Pizzon” House

·         "Paths"
Andalo (TN).Solo exhibition in the BIBLIOART 2007 festival - July 21st to 29th at the Municipal Hall of the Library

·         "Group Mayer hall"
Pergine (TN). Group exhibition "Sarah Mutinelli - Daniela Webber - Elisa Zeni" from June 29th to July 7th at the "Mayer hall"

·         "New Ideas in Milan"
Milan. Group Exhibition - June 12th to 25th at Artelier Gallery

·         Realization wall painting "Autumn in Sporminore" in the Civic Room of the town of Sporminore (TN) in June.

·         "Our Moon"
Ferrara. Group exhibition "Giralune" from May 11th to June 02nd at The Stock Exchange – WineBar

·         "Between mountains and clouds"
Trento. Solo exhibition - April 10th to14th at SOSAT Hall.

·         "Paths"
Trento. Solo Exhibition from March 27th to May 15th at the shop windows of "Mountain Rescue" association

·         "Paths"
Trento. Solo Exhibition from February 13th to March 18th at the "Simposio” restaurant

·         "Our Moon"
Mezzocorona (TN). Group exhibition "Giralune" - February 2nd to 28th at Exhibition Hall "Immart"

·         "Paths"
Pergine (TN). Solo exhibition from December 16th 2006 to January21st at “Furniture Zeni”


·         "The Forest and Mountain. ... From dream to reality and back way"
Cavedago (TN). Solo exhibition from July 29th to August 6th at Municipal Hall

·         "The Forest and Mountain. ... From dream to reality and back way"
Andalo (TN). Solo exhibition in the BIBLIOART 2006 festival: July 16th to 24th at the Municipal Hall of the Library.

·         "The Forest and Mountain. ... From dream to reality and back way"
Mezzocorona (TN). Painting Solo Exhibition - July 6th to 15th Hall "Immart"


Elisa Zeni was born in Spormaggiore (TN) on February 29, 1980. In 1999 she graduated in the Institute of Arts "A. Vittoria" in Trento (Experimental Course: Painting and Visual Arts - Course Ordering: Education of Applied Arts).

During these studies, through training activities, she approaches the world of restoration, working with restorer Gianmario Finadri dealing with conservative intervention on frescoes, wooden sculptures, paintings on canvas. Collaboration that continues even after their studies, and after one-year break between 1999 and 2000, spent to attend the Course of Restoration Works of Art at UIA-International University of Art, La Giudecca (Venice).
About this period we can report, among many others, the restoration of the church Roverè della Luna , Predazzo, and frescoes attributed to the Baschenis painters in the church of Cusiano in Val di Sole, in the "House of the frescoes" in Ossana, and in the church Maiano in Val di Non

In 2001, while maintaining contacts with the restoration, she decides to resume her studies by completing three years later, in March 2005, the graduate program in Cultural Heritage at the University of Trento, presenting the thesis' The "House of Frescoes "in Val di Sole, at Ossana: pictorial cycle, conservation and proposal for renovation works” in collaboration with the restorer Gianmario Finadri and supported by the rapporteur Roberto Perini.

After completing her studies in May 2005, she became a freelance, maintaining anyway a cooperation with the firm “Finadri”, as well as the company “Ares” and the association with “Opus Bahia”, which organizes a course on preservation and maintenance of furniture and frescoes in “Castel Taufers” (BZ)

Was the 2006 when she start painting oils on canvas, creating on canvas and wood mountain landscapes, as expression of her land (Trentino-Dolomiti) that has been always fascinating her. She focused the research in particular on the effects that light can create, filtering through the branches of trees and reflecting itself in water. These were works of great impact for the viewer, which do convey him or her the same feeling the artist had in meeting that subject, and they are the result of the desire of transmitting and communicating what nature, through its forms and colors can still give us, if heard and pondered.

In the summer of 2006 she started the experience of "The Giralune" art group, while in 2007 she attended advanced courses in watercolor techniques and trompe-l'oeil in Milan.

Since 2007 she performed in numerous solo and group exhibitions.

She begins to experience a more personal way of nature interpretation, through the thematic cycle of "Hedgehopping fligths" presented at SOSAT Hall of Trento, followed by the cycle of "Paths of the Water" with a central focus on water and its contact with the ground it crosses.

In September 2007, during the sporting event of "La Rampa" into the forest of Fai (TN) creates a work in lime, mixed with earth and leaves, which embodies the legend of "Paganella".

In 2008 she approached the world of Byzantine Icons at the Laboratory of Byzantine Icons “Santi Martiri” of Trento and perfected her technique of portraiture, in collaboration with the studio Immart Mezzocorona. Meanwhile, the water theme kept on emerging strong and deep in her paintings, through the development of the theme "Ice paths", to unite in a single inner artistic and symbolic path, driven by water, the major addressed studies: "Ice paths", just as the image of her past and remembrance of her life, the melting ice leaves comming out on the surface memories stored inside herself; "Paths of the Water", which reflects in the water that flows, the flow of her life, the moments leading to and flowing through or come across the many nuances of everyday situations, seen as stones which the water enters into a relationship with; "Hedgehopping fligths" , where the water vapor rising up to the tops of the highest peaks, is carrying with itself dreams and desires for the future.

In 2009 she was invited for making the sundial #34 in Monclassico. In late 2009 she joined the association of artists from Trentino "La Cerchia", an important artistic associacion of Trentino founded in 1986, becoming the youngest member.


2010 starts with a series of educational painting workshops in nursery and primary schools.

In April 2010 she started working with “Buonconsiglio” Castle museum as museum educator at Castel Thun

In the 2013, after several exhibitions in Italy and other Countries, the inspiration is strongly influenced by the birth of her two sons: the colors are strengthened further and even the stones of the depth of its water, symbolically, begin to "blossom". Thus was born the new line "Of Soil and Water."